"Valor" Interview with Nick Marti

Nick Marti has been working on this project for the past four years, and the premiere is just around the corner. "Valor" is premiering at Texas Theatre on April 9th, and you better believe there is going to be a double-screening packed full of homies losing their shit. Free tickets to the first screening can be picked up at either Index location right now. Copies will be for sale at the premiere, and all earnings go to helping Nick keep this momentum going. Here's some insight that hopefully sets the tone, and answers some questions for the biggest local video this year. 

"Mondays Anonymous"

"We provide consultation for your Monday Blues. Whether it be medicinal, physical, or a visionary presence, we are here for you." -Harrison "Dirty Harrie" Boyland


"CIVIL BREACH" just premiered at 4DWN in Dallas last night. If you weren't able to attend, you missed a good time. This video portrays a particular statement without saying a word. Luke Graffis was welcomed to the Index family during the event. Be sure to congratulate the homies on the video, and appropriate the inspiration derived from it.

Jason Downey's "TRASHduck PROmo"

Jason Downey recently released a promo for his upcoming "TRASHduck" video. These dudes got us fired-up, and keep fueling the flame of stoke. Featuring: Preston Pollitt, Kyle Hampton, Juan Fig, David Rodriguez, Travis Word (Tword), David Sauceda, and Ivan Rodriguez.

Shaun Alvarez's "H817" Montage

Shaun Alvarez put together an inspiring edit for your viewing pleasure. Featuring: Josh Johnson, Clayvon Johnson, Evan Romrell, Adam Mosley, Richie Vongkhaphet, Bryan Teran, Adrian Vazzini, and Martin Gonzalez.

No Comply Ten Year Anniversary Recap

No Comply celebrated 10 years on Inauguration Day. Driving several hours to the state capitol, and weaving angry protesters was well worth the hassle. We spent most the day skating ditches, and later found ourselves at Empire Garage for the event. The dim-lighted outside venue was complete with a mini-ramp, free Volcom X No Comply tees, Vans raffle booth, an open bar, and live music from local artists. The party really kicked off when "Tenny" went up on the screen. We hope this shop remains a staple in the Texas skate scene. If you are ever in Austin, please stop by and support the homies. These guys are doing it right.

R.I.P. Fort Worth D.I.Y.

DIY spots are on the rise. It is great to see the skate community embrace the raw nature of creating something on their own, without regard to what could potentially be destroyed.

Drake Flores Road To Recovery

Drake is a huge inspiration to a lot of Texas-native skateboarders. Not only does he have an extensive trick selection, he is one of the nicest people out there. Unfortunate, is almost not good enough of a word that can describe a dislocated/fractured elbow for the seventh time. If you have the means to donate towards Drake's surgery and recovery, please do so. Also sharing this post can be another great way to lend a helping hand (or elbow).

"Alligator Suitcases" Interview with Johnathan McKenzie

There has been a lot of local buzz in the Dallas skate scene about a video project that seems long-awaited. "Alligator Suitcases" is Johnathan McKenzie's first full-length skateboarding film. The premiere is going to be held this coming Sunday. With all the hype it has created, we had to pick the brain of the man behind the lens.

Interview by Shane Smith