Keegan McCutchen Interview

Keegan McCutchen Interview

SS - So whats up man, how has 2016 been treating you so far?

KM - It was good. Went to a lot of cool places, and met a ton of rad people. Hope to do even more in 2017.

SS - I feel like that's the goal being a skater, or artist. Seeing as many rad people and places before the years are up. That alone was a big push for me to pick up a camera. You have also been taking photos while on trips, and around town skating. What would you say got you into photography?

KM - I broke my arm pretty bad in 2015 and couldn't really skate for a while, so I bought a camera to shoot photos of the crew since we never really had anyone taking pictures. I bought flashes and everything but never ended up using them, just shoot in natural light mostly. I wish I shot more photos, the whole process is fun and I like to hang up pictures in my apartment. I wouldn't consider myself a photographer by any means though. 

SS - I appreciate you being humble about it. I take photos for a living, and one could say I'm a "photographer" but its hard to put that label on it with so many great photographers these days. Your photos are great though man. I remember talking with Michael Sube about you, and we both agreed you have a natural eye for photography. Moving on to skating, I've seen a lot of different news about who rides for who, but I know some can be misleading. Do you mind filling us in on the companies you're currently ridding for?

KM - I ride a giant skateboard, so not many companies make a board that I like. I was riding for Alien Workshop... it went under a few years back, so when Chad Bowers started mother collective ( quasi ) I got the opportunity to ride for them. At that point I had started skating nine-inch decks, and it was hard to skate the smaller boards. So I stated getting stuff from Welcome for about a year. They were great, but the shapes just weren't for me. Those dudes rule though, and I love them all. Can't wait for their video to come out in January. Anyways, I'm skating for Quasi, HUF, and Orbs Wheels.

SS - How did riding for HUF come into the picture for you?

KM - I sent a tape to their inquiries email back in 2012, and somehow got a response form Keith Hufnagel saying he was down to send me shoes. I've been skating them ever since, they take good care of me.  Add Hombre hardware to that list, forgot about them.

SS - Hombre has to be one of my favorite companies at the moment. PJ is a rad dude, always super humble and genuine. Index in general has been a great addition over many years to Texas skateboarding. Glad to have them in Fort Worth now. Is there any footage we can look forward to seeing from you with Hombre, or your other sponsors?

KM - Yeah, Pj and Jonathan are the raddest dudes in the world. They also make the best clothes and hardware, everyone reading this should go buy some hombre gear. Right now Im not filming for any projects with sponsors. That'd be cool though, hopefully soon. I'm just trying to finish up filming for our crew's video " Valor" (Spanish for "Value"). Anyway, it should be coming out soon. My good friend Nick Marti started editing it recently, so get ready! Its going to be great.


SS - We can turn this into a Hombre add real quick. The filming I've seen Nick produce has been excellent. Excited to see a full-length from him. Where about did you guys travel throughout the filming process for "Valor"?

KM - It's mostly all been filmed right here, deep in the heart of Texas  haha but there will be footage from New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, New York and North Carolina. Those trips are so fun, can't wait for the next one.

SS -Do you have any plans to skate any bigger contest in 2017? Tampa, or Arizona possibly?

KM - Not at all, I hate contest. I've never skated in one before. Don't hold me to that though, I might end up in one one day.

SS - That's sick though. Contests can get way too serious, and end up not being fun. What about the old Rat Tour contest? I know you and your boys hold down Lewisville.

KM - I never skated in those, just cheered on the homies. My friend Tony actually got arrested and taken to jail for no reason at one. That wasn't tight, his whole family was there and it almost started a riot which was pretty funny. Skateboarders are awesome.

SS- Damn that sucks. Skateboarders tend to be getting put in cuffs more and more, often for no good reason. Are Lewisville and surrounding areas becoming more of a bust than usual? They've been capping spots like a bottle factory in Fort Worth.

KM- Yeah its hard to find places to skate nowadays. Either the spot's gone, a bust, or we're just over skating it. Most of the spots in DFW suck anyway.

SS - With that said, do you see your self moving from Texas to California, or somewhere else to see how things work out? Have any of your sponsors pushed you to move out closer to them?

KM - Yeah, definitely trying to get out of here when my lease is up. Its gonna be sad leaving Chapel Hill, this place has been home to many of my friends and I for a while now. I'm thinking about spending a year in Austin before going out of state. My friend Nick is going to school out there next year, so I'd love to stay in Texas and film with him while I still can. I really want to end up on the East Coast though, my sister lives out there and the spots are more my style. California seems too gnarly for me, but who knows. I'll go where ever I end up I guess.

SS- Well it's been awesome getting to chat with you man! Hopefully 2017 brings plenty of travel, and skateboarding your way!

Km - Word, Thanks man!


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