"Alligator Suitcases" Interview with Johnathan McKenzie

"Alligator Suitcases" Interview with Johnathan McKenzie

There has been a lot of local buzz in the Dallas skate scene about a video project that seems long-awaited. "Alligator Suitcases" is Johnathan McKenzie's first full-length skateboarding film. The premiere is going to be held this coming Sunday. With all the hype it has created, we had to pick the brain of the man behind the lens.

SS: So for the people that don't know already... What is your name, and how long have you been skating?

JM: My name is Johnathan McKenzie, and I have been skating for almost 9 years now.

SS: I've been hearing a lot about the video, what inspired you for with the idea for "Alligator Suitcases"? 

JM: Just watching "Four Duos", and other independent full-length videos made me want to do one with the homies.

SS: "Four Duos" was the shit man, It's crazy how skateboarding has changed so much since the "Fast Forward" and "Four Duos" days. Do you think that Texas skateboarding is going to have a positive direction, or just get lost with the trends?

JM: It definitely is crazy, and it's hard to say. I think we're in somewhat of a gray area and no one knows what to do with all the new brands and footage going straight to "Instagram", and skateboarding being in the Olympics is something we have never really seen. I think only time will tell. 

SS: Well said. Let's talk about Erik Ostos. How long have you guys been skating together, and who else will be featured in the video?

JM: I met Erik about 5 years ago now. I was skating Lively Skate Park, and he was there. He just came up and said what's up, and we've basically been skating ever since then. It was crazy because I used to watch all his video parts over and over. He's a good dude. In the video will be: Zac Powell, Sean Reyna, Roman Reyes, Daniel Teran, Josh Johnson, Adam Mosley, CJ Cox, Chris Mattes, Clayvon Johnson, Eric Henry, Ryan Schorman, and Erik Ostos of course. 

SS: He is a great dude! Always good vibes around him. Other than rad skateboarding, what else can people expect to see at the premiere?

JM: I think we'll have to wait and see, I don't want to give up too much. ;)

SS: Completely understand. How do you feel people are going to react to the work Clayvon Johnson put in for his part? That dude's style is sensational. 

JM: Clayvon is tight. He brings the life wherever he is, and is naturally talented on his skateboard. I think people will enjoy his footage for sure. 

SS: I am excited to see what you guys put together. I know you said you didn't want to give away too much, but could you see a sequel, or another film for you guys in the future? 

JM: I'm excited to put it out. This will be my first video, I don't plan for it to be the last.

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