"Valor" Interview with Nick Marti

"Valor" Interview with Nick Marti

CC: There seems to have been an implied understanding that you are some sort of local legend. I hear that you even have a fan club Instagram account?

NM: I don't know about local legend. I am just a kid. But yes, there is a fan club account. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Is it love, or hate? Whatever it is, it's a good laugh.

CC: So why don't more people have multiple accounts? It seems to work out for you and your friends.

NM: It's just an account that I post pictures of crazy antics, and weird everyday stuff that I capture with my Iphone.

CC: Who all can we expect to see footage from in "Valor"?

NM: Let's see... We got: Tony Gomoton, Travis Lewington, Gavin Farmerson, Tanner Nappington, Keegan MyKitchen, Matt Mart, Matt Coop, Dakota Overballs, Zachington McFry, Jacob Rovellington, Blake Blaster, Mark Roberto, Kyle Stoner, John Pancreas, Pedro Martinez, Conrad Goner, whole lot of friends and some boyfriends.

CC: The word "Valor" is defined as, "great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle". Anyone who has stepped on a board knows that overcoming fear is the essence of skateboarding. What does "Valor" mean to you and the crew?

NM: Funny story. I first mentioned it to the boys as "Value", then we sided against it. Later came back with "valor" (Spanish for "value"), then went with it. Then even later, finding out that "valor" in english is a word with some pretty wicked meaning. So that was cool. Deciding a name for a skateboard video is probably the hardest part of the video.

CC: I heard you guys will have a second screening at the premiere, which means we are expecting a good turn out?

NM: Yeah, so I got some tickets for the first showing available at both of the shops. If those are grabbed there, there will be another showing at 8:30. The first one will be so hyphy so get there if you can...

CC: I am curious to see what you have put together. How long have you been working on this project, and where all was it filmed?

NM: Thank you man, it's tight to hear all of the support. The idea of a big skate vid started when I was 16, and I am 20 now. So there is four years of our lives put into this. There is footage from: (of course) Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, California, New York, and I want to say that's all.

CC: What is the dress code for you and the guys in the video? It seems traditional to suit up for a premiere. Or should we expect the usual, unusual?

NM: No dress code. Show up as a skater, or suit up. I've overheard some of the boys doing some suits and exotic clothing, but I don't plan to partake in any of that business. 

CC: Even though you guys seem to be really tight-knit, you all have inspired a ton of people in DFW. It is always amazing to see what people can achieve with the help of their friends. Do you have anything you would like to say to everyone looking forward to April 9th?

NM: My camera crapped out at the end of making the video, and we are trying to move on up. If you enjoy the video, and would like to keep seeing these guys skate, buy a video. All video sales will be put back in skateboarding. 

Interview by: Coyt Caffey

Photos by: Keegan McCutchen

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