John Huynh Interview

John Huynh Interview

Pete Villarreal

 SS: Hows your 2017 been so far? 

JH: Just chillin, I've been able to work more. I've been able to skate again, but only on warmer days.

SS: I could only imagine it feel amazing skating again? How long did your doctors tell you to take off from skateboarding?

JH: Ohh yea! Nothing beats it, it's fun kicking it with the homies at the parks and streets. Once diagnosed, I was off for five months. I tried once, but it was weird knowing I had a tumor and trying to do an ollie. Even before I was diagnosed, it was hard to skate after the new year. My hands and feet would itch pretty bad when I warmed up. That pretty much killed the vibe so I barley skated last year. So right now I feel rusty as hell.

SS: What did you do to stay busy and help keep your mind in a good spot while being off your board?

JH: I'd just tried to relax and enjoy things. From there a little bit of guitars stuff and kicked it with friends.

SS: How often where you having to go back and forth to see specialist and  your doctor at the moment? 

JH: I saw my oncologist once a month. Then went to the cancer center bi-weekly for treatment. I took home part of my treatment thats attached to me up to 46 hours.

SS: You had a fundraiser event recently, how did everything pan out?

JH: It went really well. A couple hundred people partying for cancer, it was nice to see everybody. Nothing but good vibes all night.

SS: That's good to hear man! It was sick getting to see you back in the shop working like normal. The show that night was sick! I'm sure being back around skateboarding and even being in the shop helps your daily happiness?

JH: Thanks for showing up! That show was rad! All around it's nice being around people and just being social. It helps with keeping things as normal as possible.

SS: You recently received news that you had no evidence of disease! Glad to see you kick cancers ass a bit. Where did you receive the news at?

JH: Thank you! The five year mark is the major victory, but I'll take any wins. Its the first step in the right direction; I got the news at my oncologist office.

SS: Who was the first person you told the good news?

JH: I texted Natosha Rowe and Stefans mother, Donna. In person my girlfriend. I totally forgot to tell my mom until way later. Sorry :- ?

SS: I'm sure she was still excited! What good insight could you give people that may not live the healthiest lifestyles at the moment?

JH: Just take it step by step. Cut back and/or lay off fast food. Spend the extra dollars for a healthier option. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I thought I was young and indestructible, my diet was very unhealthy. Boom, reality check.

SS: What are your thoughts on the Valor Vid?

JH: All around amazing! Great soundtrack as well!

SS: It's between Valor and Fetish for best soundtrack on a skate video lol. 

JH: Valor was way better!

SS: Any other videos your looking forward to coming out this year?

JH: Brett Gregorys Brunch two, then him, Edward, and I are doing a little summer video. Then my second iPhone video, Fool Times Two, should be coming out by the end of this year or early next year.

SS: Sounds like a productive year! I wish you the best! Thanks for taking the time for this interview.

JH: Gotta stay busy! Anytime and thank you!

Interview: Shane Smith
Photos: Pete Villarreal

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