"Intel" Interview with Colton Trecker

"Intel" Interview with Colton Trecker

CC: You recently premiered "Intel" at Guapo in Dallas. Tell me a little about the process of filming a full length video. 

CT: Just going out all day every day, having fun skateboarding, and getting as many clips as you can within a certain amount of time. 


CC: Sometimes, I feel people can easily underestimate the amount of time, work, and money that goes into filming a video. Were there any gnarly obstacles that you had to overcome, or was it pretty much routine?

CT: It was pretty routine. Just a lot of the ususal. Cameras breaking, clips glitching, batteries dying, all that stuff.


CC: How long have you been filming for "Intel"?

CT: Well we started filming about 4 years ago. I filmed with at VX2100, then when I started with the VX1000 we kind of started fresh. So most of the clips you'll see are about 1-2 years old at most. 


CC: Who all has a part in the video?

CT: Connor Crist, Andrew Powers, Darion Thompson, Danny Jimenez, Keaten Kelly, Dakota Overbaugh, Ryker Frenzel, Tweety Rockson, Christian Sanchez, Peter Woychick, and Cody Moore.


CC: Did you guys do any traveling outside of the DFW area?

CT: Yeah, we went to Austin, and Los Angeles. There's some clips from Tyler too, but it's mostly filmed in DFW.


CC: Some of the best times for any skateboarder usually include traveling, but even an in-town mission can end up being an all-day affair. Did anything especially crazy happen while working on the project?

CT: Oh yeah, there's been a couple fights. People were just tweaking on us really, I got punched in the face by a security guard at Reunion Tower around the start of the video too. 

CC: There's nothing like getting punched by some asshole trying to be a hero. If you are ever worried about cops, just remember security guards are paid less. Let's talk about Andrew Powers for a second. I have been watching this dude skate for the past 6 years. His progression hasn't slowed down at all, and his hunger compliments his positivity. Is there something to being happy, that makes a great skateboarder?

CT: Yeah, Andrew's sick. He has been killing it since I met him when he was about 11 or 12. I definitely think when you're happy and having fun skateboarding, it makes it a lot better and easier to progress. 


CC: Congratulations on finishing the video, and providing hype for Texas skateboarders. I believe copies will be for sale at Index Skateboard Supply here soon. Is there any other way people can find a copy of "Intel"?

CT: Thanks, man. I'm hyped everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. You can get one at either Index location soon, and I will make a bigcartel link as well.  

CC: Thanks for your time, Colton. Keep killing it, and I am looking forward to anything you put out in the future. If there is anyone you want to give a shoutout to, this is the place to do so.

CT: I'd like to thank all of the homies that came out every day and filmed full parts, the homies that supported us and this video, everybody that was even the slightest involved with this video happening, all the dudes at Index, my mom, and my dad who recently passed away around the start of filming this video. You could say this video is dedicated to him, I love you all. 

Interview by: Coyt Caffey

Photos: Darion Thompson

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